Extra Large Fish Bundle

Excel Seafoods

The king of all fish bundles, our extra large fish box is the ultimate gift for ANY fish lover. Packed to the brim with prawns, tuna steaks, scampi and all the freshest fillets, you'll struggle to find value like this anywhere else.

The Extra Large pack contains:

X4 fresh haddock portions

X4 fresh salmon portions

X4 fresh sea bass portions

X4 fresh cod portions

X1 kg bag of frozen peeled North Atlantic prawns

X1 kg pack of frozen tuna steaks ( 5 in pack)

X4 portions of smoked haddock ( fresh or frozen depending on availability)

X2 160g packs of hot roast salmon (John Ross by appointment)

X2 salmon wellingtons (frozen)

X2 smoked haddock wellingtons (frozen)

X1 500g pack of frozen filo king prawns

X1 454g pack of 3 way cook breaded scampi (frozen)

(Fresh subject to seasonal availability, average 6oz per portion)